ABP Nocivelli,
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major projects

The company was founded in 1963 with the trade of petroleum products and lubricants. Since 1988, growing market needs, the progressive use of methane gas in heating systems, and the desire to make the company increasingly competitive have led to new business areas in the technological services sector, with customer assistance services in facility management activities.

Did you know that ABP Nocivelli is an ESCo?

(Energy Service Company)

The term ESCo, or energy service company, says little about its features, but according to the European Commission such entities offer integrated services that, starting with the energy diagnosis, identify the best feasible actions and not just the simple replacement of individual devices. The key features – which justify the strong interest and focus on the world of ESCos, given the potential benefits to users and the energy system as a whole – are the guarantee of results on the actions undertaken and the financing through a third party, with or without the undertaking of the financial risks by the ESCo. An ESCo is therefore a company that can provide all the technical, commercial and financial services necessary to carry out an energy efficiency action, assuming the investment expense and the risk of lost savings, against the signing of a contract in which its profits are stipulated. It does not therefore simply provide the financial resources with which the entrepreneur independently undertakes the investment as it must in fact have, itself or through related groups, the appropriate technical skills and financial resources to carry out that commissioned, while also offering flexibility according to the needs of those requesting the relative services.

A full range
of expertise
and full-circuit services.

With these services, the company, in addition to its traditional activities, makes its professionalism, opportunity, and feasibility analysis, project study, verification of reference regulations, risk analysis, and planning of site activities available for the customer’s needs.


Case studies and achievements

Public and Private Health, Public Administrations, Industries and Companies, Condominiums and Buildings

Competitive advantages

Financial soundness

A solid financial structure enables the company to obtain the surety policies required under Article 183, paragraph 15 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 to guarantee the validity and solidity of the proposals submitted.

Integrated offer

The Nocivelli Group, unlike its competitors, can offer its customers an integrated range of products and services, which allows it to provide a range of products across the board.

Historical experience

The group is recognized as a national sector leader and plays a leading role in most PPP, license, and traditional and non-traditional procurement transactions.


Thanks to the experience acquired by the group over the years and the highly specialized staff working for the company, the Nocivelli Group has significant know-how at its disposal, enabling it to draw up and develop PPP proposals with tight deadlines and contained costs.